Best Outdoor Composters

Best Outdoor Composters

Composters are great additions to all gardens. They are great for all garden sizes. They keep unwanted and stinky produces out of your kitchen trash. Composters provide a great addition to your garden soil. Finding the best composter bin that would work well for your home is a great idea. It is always advisable to have an outdoor composter. It works great, unlike indoors composters. There are many composters in the market you can buy, but it is always good to have a list of the best composters.

We are going to review the best composters. Knowing the right one for you is great. When buying a composter, there are important factors you should consider. Factors such as price, performance, durability and effectiveness are some of the factors you need to consider. Below is a list of best outdoor composters.

1. Yimby Tumbler Composter

This is a great composter if you have a yard with some space. It is one of the best composters you can buy. It is great for small and medium size families. It is very easy to use this composter. You just have to spin on its axis to get your compost mixed. This model has two compartments. You can fill up one compartment while the other is processing. This is one of the best outdoor composters.


• This composter is easy to clean

• Has 14 days turnover time for finished compost.

• Yimby has adjustable air vents for controlling moisture level

2. Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler

This is a dual composter. It is large compared to Yimby. It has a capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. It has been made using super durable, UV-protected and high-density polyethylene material which absorbs and retains heat for rapid processing. This composter has two bins; you can cycle your composting. It has red and green indicators to show which side is full and the one being used for depositing your daily scraps. This composter is great. It is easy to use, odorless and very sturdy.


• This composter is sturdy and well balanced

• Has aerated internal bar that helps in effective composting and also prevents clumping.

• This composter has 2 sliding doors for easy harvesting.

3. Algreen Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin

This is a stationary and closed composter. This composter has a 13.3 cubic foot capacity. This composter is great for a large family. It is big than others. It performs great and would handle a great job.


• This composter is well insulated

• It is made of 100% recycled materials

• Has two sliding doors for easy harvest.

• It has a large top opening for easy access.

4. Fiskars Ecobin

This composter is made up of durable mesh with a great plastic rid that keeps critters out. It has an open bottom to allow easy access of warms to your compost. It is lightweight hence easy to move. This composter has a capacity of 10 cubic feet.


• It is lightweight, easy to use and move around

• Has mesh wire on the sides to maximize airflow

• Plastic rid keeps critters out.

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